Community and the Environment

Director for Community and the Environment

My name is Jason Strugarek I spent my younger years exploring the coastlines of the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. This lead me to a life of surfing, bushwalking, diving and generally exploring any natural environment I could find and access. 


I have a degree in Marine and Coastal Conservation with honours in Applied Science (Marine Environment). Since completing my degree's I have done a series of research projects on invasive marine species and the impacts they have on the diversity and abundance of native species. I have also done 5 years of bushland resortation in remote national parks restoring them back to natural ecosystems and removing invasive flora species. A life as a traveler, touring musician and conservatist has landed me in Margaret River, Western Australia. 



I spent a month touring around Indonesia collecting plastic and debris from natural wilderness areas and providing free education seminars to schools and community groups in rural East Java. We hosted a series of music events to raise funds for local community groups in the region who were working with reintroducing endangered species into the environment and this lead me to meet Joel..... 


I was invited to become apart of Concrete Exodus and I cannot wait to see what we archieve in Borneo and the rest of this planet we call home. The aim our Community and Environment Sector is to engage traditional ways of living with modern development and further engage our community with the environment in a sustainable and innovative manner through community projects, music events and virtual reality modelling

"Concrete Exodus aims to establish and co-ordiante as many environmental orientated projects as humanly possible" 
Jason Strugarek, Director for Community and the Environment
We will unite with current NGO's, Universities, Government initiatives and community groups to lead environmental projects such as:
  • Biological/Ecological surveys and research
  • Sustainable development research
  • Plastic and debris removal 
  • Sustainable energy practises
  • Sustainable living practises
  • Revegitation and rehabilitation projects
  • Water quality and soil quality testing for local community's
  • Climate change impacts on Borneo
  • Habitat Loss and Forest Degradition 
  • The ongoing support and research for endangered and threatened flora and fauna  



Do you have a project you think we can work on together?

Here at Concrete Exodus we are constantly searching for other organisations of any kind to work with and develop environmental and community orientated projects together. If you have a particular project you are working on anywhere around the world please contact us and we can discuss adding you to our list of our supported projects. 


Can you offer Finacial support to some of our upcoming projects......... Every bit counts 


Reseach and community events also require large funding to complete so if you are an investor or company looking to improve your contribution towards the environment connect with us and we can discuss what projects we are currently working on how you can get involved in assisting the planet and its community's as a whole. 

The use of Technology to Reconnect Humans with Nature

Oceanic Virtual Experience: .


A journey through the oceans, from temperate sea’s to Tropical paradise’s we give the viewer a real life experience of life in the sea. This presentation is aimed to reconnect humans with the ocean. The Oceanic Virtual Experience (OVEX) allow's people who have never seen the ocean to swim with it’s amazing creatures and explore area’s of this planet they have only seen on documentary’s this is the next best thing. 


Disabilities, Illness, Poverty and fear or past bad experiences can limit a person’s interaction with nature particularly the sea. OVEX allows these border’s to be broken down and reconnect people with the hidden mysteries the ocean has to offer.




















Wilderness Virtual Experience


From the moment you land into this forest you are swept away to the wilderness where you will see animals and species of plants truly living wild. The only sounds you hear are the ones made by the tree’s and the birds as you find your way back to civilisation. Wilderness Virtual Experience (WILVEX) is designed to provide the viewer the opportunity to experience life outside of human development and witness area’s that they may not have seen in real life before. A range of reason’s can limit a person’s access to these wilderness area’s of Australia so WILVEX aim’s to bring the wilderness to life in a virtual reality experience. a WILVEX allows the viewer to witness the life and beauty that is held within these forest and wilderness areas and hopefully can begin to reconnect people with the natural world.    











Bushfire Virtual Experience 


Safety is our first priority so whats better safety then being the most prepared you can be in a bushfire


Start as a person escaping the bushfire finish as a fire fighter 


This experience allows the viewer to be a fire fighter in the middle of the action or a victim and manage to escape safely from dangerous situation. The Bushfire Virtual Experience (FIREVEX) system will educate the viewer on what to do in an emergency situation in a real life time frame. This prior knowledge of what to do in an emergency situation may not only leave the viewer with a new and lifelike experience but also with the the ability to save there own life. 




















Groups we aim to market these VIRTUAL REALITY EXPERIENCES to 


  • Elderly Citizens and the youth

  • Community support groups

  • Make a Wish Foundation

  • School groups

  • Community groups

  • University Classes

  • General Public forums 

  • Community events

  • Music events

  • Cancer support groups